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Working with nature to increase employment


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© Poljoprivredna, prehrambena i veterinarska skola Stanka Ozanic - Zadar, 2018/19

The Agricultural, Food and Veterinary School of Stanak Ozanic, based in the Croatian county of Zadar, has made free training available via an innovative project called Perma-Horti.

As its name suggests, Perma-Horti covers permaculture design – that is, understanding and working with nature to design sustainable systems and habitats – and urban horticulture. The programme was designed to increase the area’s employment levels and is aimed at two target groups: women, and young people of high school age.

The dozens of women who participated in Perma-Horti have each received 150 hours of free training, covering not only practical gardening knowledge but wider employability skills. By the end of their training, they are qualified to work in the relevant industries but also have the extra knowledge, motivation and confidence needed to help them to apply for jobs.

The Perma-Horti project has also introduced specially designed entrepreneurship classes for high school students, to encourage them to think about the potential of creating a start-up business. As well as covering the foundations of entrepreneurial planning and information about "green" professions, the classes teach pupils skills that are relevant to all areas of work, including organisation, teamwork, self-awareness and communication.

Because the student group includes those with learning difficulties, students can also take part in extracurricular activities which make the most of the therapeutic nature of horticulture.

Project name PERMA-HORTI
Duration 2018 - 2020
ESF contribution € 97,498.44
Total budget € 112,932.99
Participants 45 women
Country Croatia
Organisation Zadar county
Contact details Agricultural, Food and Veterinary School Stanko Ožanić
+385 23 316 044
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