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Growing In Digital helps young people and businesses


Martina Perrucci, Digital Marketing Manager for Flexitab
© Crescere in Digitale, 2018

Hundreds of young people and companies in Italy are Growing In Digital, thanks to an innovative project that trains young unemployed people in the latest digital skills and matches them with local businesses.

Digital skills are now some of the most sought-after skills in the world of work. That's why the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere) has partnered with technology giant Google to create and run a digital skills project, called Crescere in Digitale, or Growing In Digital. So far the project has helped thousands of young people to learn new skills – and hundreds of businesses to benefit from them.

The Growing In Digital project offers young NEETs – those who are not in education, employment or training – a 50-hour online training course covering subjects like website building, social networking and online advertising. After they have completed the training, it matches them with enterprises that want to improve their online presence, giving them the opportunity to work together.

Local training workshops allow interested businesses to meet and interview trainees in person, with the aim of employing them for a six-month paid internship. Once hired, the young people enjoy secure, paid work, while the companies benefit from employing people with some of the most up-to-date digital business skills in the country.

Those who have benefited from the ESF-funded project so far include Martina Perrucci, who joined nautical design company Flexitab as an intern four years ago. Now, she is the company’s Digital Marketing Manager, managing a small team of her own. She says, “Before this project, I didn’t have a clear idea about my professional future. Now, I am more focused on my goals and I know what I really want ”.

Project name Growing In Digital
Duration 2015 - 2018
ESF contribution € 10,613,760.00
Total budget € 10,613,760.00
Participants 10 936
Country Italy
Organisation Unioncamere
Social Media
Contact details Domenico Mauriello
+39 06 4704 513
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