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Going green in Spain


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An initiative rolled out across Spain provided grants to projects in order to empower companies and individuals to exploit opportunities in the environmental sector.

The Green Jobs programme mobilised EUR 45 million to create or grow existing environmental companies and to help thousands of workers acquire ‘green’ skills. The focus on growth paid dividends as more than 1 800 new jobs were created thanks in part to the programme’s range of interventions.

The programme promoted sustainability, eco-innovation and the modernisation of businesses through the implementation of environmental management systems. Special attention was paid to helping workers in declining economic sectors re-skill for the green jobs market.

More than 60 000 people acquired new skills through around 2 000 training courses. The programme also helped to create or grow more then 2 500 green businesses.

Moreover, the 270 projects implemented through this initiative involved about 1.3 million people. Generally, projects ran for one to two years and had budgets ranging from EUR 40 000 to EUR 400 000. Activities included training courses, conferences, information campaigns, studies, guides and professional advice.

One such project focused on creating the Green Business Network, which promotes SME start-ups and channels investment into environmentally sustainable ventures. Currently, the Network has more than 7 000 members, mainly entrepreneurs and eco-investors. The Biodiversity Foundation will launch a new Employee Program in the future programming period through the POEFE, for the improvement of employment and the environment.


Project name: The Green Jobs Programme
Area of activity: Opening Pathways to Work
Boosting Businesses
Low-carbon economy
Project duration: 2007 – December 2015
ESF contribution: EUR 22 500 000+
Total budget: EUR 45 000 000
Participants: 1 300 000
Country: Spain
Organisation: Fundacion Biodiversidad (Ministry of Environment)
Contact details: Silvia Fernandez-Campa
+34 91 121 0920

Project name ES - Going green in Spain
Duration -
Total budget € 0
Contact details
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