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The brains of the Marche region at CERN with “Che fisico!”


A participant cycles through a maintenance tunnel at CERN
© Regione Marche

On 1 December 2014, the European Social Fund opened the doors of CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) in Geneva to young graduates from the Marche region, giving them the opportunity to join international research teams in one of the most prestigious research centres in the world.

“Che fisico!”, a project run by the Marche regional authorities and entirely financed by the ESF, promotes excellence in training and has awarded four scholarships worth a total of EUR 42 000, each valid for a year and then renewable for a second year. The winners were selected from a pool of young unemployed graduates in physics, engineering and IT who research subjects identified as matters of priority by CERN and the Marche authorities.

“We and the Marche authorities share the belief that the future will be based on knowledge, entrepreneurship, quality of life and a desire to lay future foundations for ourselves and our children,” says Sergio Bertolucci, director of CERN.

“Che fisico!” does not end when the four graduates leave CERN. Once their scholarships finish, the graduates do internships lasting up to six months, a process that integrates them into companies in the Marche region. The gains made during their time at CERN are thus reinvested locally.

“In this way, the knowledge acquired by the young graduates is put to use in our region,” says Gian Mario Spacca, the President of Marche. “This adds value for businesses in the Marche region as well as for the graduates.


Project name: Che fisico!
Area of activity: Opening pathways to work
Helping people aim higher
Project duration: 01.12.2014 – 30.11.2015
ESF contribution: EUR 328 000
Total budget: EUR 328 000
Participants: 4-6 participants per year
Country: Italy
Organisation: Marche regional authorities
Contact details: Marco Morena
+39 718063671