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Giving young people the confidence to prosper


Business training

Long-term unemployed young people in the Limousin region of France have received guidance to help them get into the jobs market or find suitable training options.

The SAS project was aimed at people under 26 years of age who had been looking for a job for more than one year. The project offered a three-month programme designed to instil confidence and increase personal motivation. The young people took part in group activities that they were interested in such as a theatrical performance, charity event, producing a video or creating an exhibition. The goal was to develop team-working skills.

Participants were also encouraged to learn about different fields of work and to actively find out more by contacting local businesses and chambers of commerce. Throughout the process, SAS offered coaching and provided information about training options. The project also gave each participant a grant of EUR 340 per month for the duration of the course, plus EUR 300 in expenses.

More than 70 sessions were held in various sites around the region, attracting 738 participants. In addition, over 500 companies, associations or local authorities got involved to support the project.

SAS can boast impressive results: more than 70 % of the young people who took part went on to find employment or enrol in a vocational training programme which was suitable for the needs within months of participation.


Project name: SAS – Springboard for Active Guidance of Young Job-seekers
Area of activity: Creating chance for youth; Opening pathways to work
Project duration: April 2011 – December 2013
ESF contribution: EUR 224 000
Total budget: EUR 940 000
Participants: 738
Country: France
Organisation: Be Lim
Contact details:

Project name FR - Giving young people the confidence to prosper
Duration -
Total budget € 0
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