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Helping migrants to fulfil their employment potential


People with a migration history are around twice as likely to be affected by unemployment as people without – and in Germany, where almost a quarter of the population has a migration background, this is a growing issue.

That's why a project called the IQ Network – where IQ stands for "Integration through Qualification" – is helping people who have migrated to Germany to fulfil their employment potential.

The project doesn’t just help people who have acquired professional qualifications abroad to have them recognised in Germany, so that they can work in the country – it also aims to help improve people's perceptions of migrants, reducing discrimination and encouraging integration into the workplace.

In the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the IQ Network is co-ordinated by the Caritas Association for the Diocese of Magdeburg.

Caritas is an international humanitarian organisation, but in Sachsen-Anhalt it runs a migration service and works with the local population to improve the perception and integration of people who have arrived from other countries.

Thanks to funding from the ESF, IQ Network Saxony-Anhalt has been able to expand its work to include the production of videos and films to share their work. These show people who have migrated to Germany talking about themselves, their work and their families, or what they've learned about German culture. It is hoped that these won't just show the human side of immigration, but will inspire and encourage other people who move to Germany.