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All good things come in threes: B3 Education and Consultation


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Despite a degree and work experience, many migrants in Germany struggle to find suitable work.

In the south-west state of Baden-Württemberg, a project called B3 Education and Consultation, part of the wider IQ Network project, aims to change all that.

The IQ in IQ Network stands for Integration through Qualification, and it is this concept which is at the core of B3's work. For people who have acquired a degree or high-level qualification in education, social education or psychology abroad, B3 provides the opportunity to qualify as an educational counsellor, integrate into the labour market and find work.

Elena came to Germany after working as a teacher in Kazakhstan. B3 has helped her to build on the teaching qualifications she gained abroad, gaining more experience and knowledge about teaching in Germany, as well as German language skills and other local knowledge. Individual coaching will help Elena make the most of her new qualifications and integrate into the workforce.

In Baden-Württemberg, the IQ Network is co-ordinated by intercultural education centre ikubiz, based in Mannheim. “B3 Education and Consultation” is offered by the Volkshochschule Freiburg, which is part of the IQ network in Baden-Württemberg.

Georgette Carbonilla staff member of the co-ordination team at ikubiz says, “in the end, not only the participants of the qualification benefit from the appreciation of existing competencies, but also the entire field of education and counselling in Freiburg”.