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How to participate

The ESF funds a rich variety of projects that improve people’s employment prospects and the jobs they do. Organisations and individuals interested in taking part can use the links given below:

Who to contact

ESF funding is available through the Member States and regions. The ESF does not fund projects directly from Brussels.

  • Organisations interested in ESF funding for a project should contact the ESF Managing Authority in their country or region. To find the relevant ESF contact address, visit the ‘Support in your country’ section.
  • Individuals interested in participating in ESF projects can find the relevant ESF contact address in their country in the ‘Support in your country’ section. National and regional ESF websites, as well as local employment services are also a good source of information on opportunities proposed by the ESF.

Who is who

ESF projects are applied for and run by a wide variety of organisations known as beneficiaries, including public administrations, workers’ and employers’ organisations, NGOs, charities and companies.

The individuals who take part in an ESF project are called participants; these include, for example, older workers training for new skills, young job-seekers getting work placements, or people seeking advice on how to set up their own business.