Last modifications

TMS 3.84 (26 April 2018)

  • ESCO data updated to the version 1.0.3
  • The Arabic language pack is supported by the ESCO Service API
  • The search engine was improved to provide better results
  • The ISCO codes are now displayed in the concept view
  • Improvements to the portal usability and the user experience

TMS 3.83 (4 October 2017)

  • ESCO data updated to the version 1.0.2 (12 December 2017)
  • ESCO data updated to the version 1.0.1
  • Fixed some issues with the visualisation of the ISCO-08 translations

TMS 3.82 (22 September 2017)

  • Deployment of the ESCO SP-API
  • Improved browsing on narrow screens
  • Downloadable ESCO data available in CSV format

TMS 3.81 (28 July 2017)

  • Public release of the first full ESCO version (ESCO v1). It includes 2942 occupations, 13485 skills, knowledge and competence concepts and qualifications provided by the Member States. ESCO v1 is available in 26 languages.
  • ESCO v1 is presented on a new version of the ESCO service platform.
  • New design of the portal UI
  • Added technical documentation

TMS 3.40 (07 May 2014)

  • Redesign of the ESCO portal with new menu structure
  • Concepts can now be directly compared in two languages when browsing the classification
  • New feature: ESCOpedia, an online encyclopaedia providing background information about the ESCO project and its methodology

TMS 3.30 (19 February 2014)

  • Minor portal update and bug-fixing

TMS 3.26 (23 October 2013)