keep up with current trends in psychotherapy


Keep up with current trends and debates in mental health services, being aware of changes in social, cultural, and political thinking about psychotherapy and of the interplay of various theories. Stay informed about increases in the demand for counselling and psychotherapies, and be aware of evidence-based research, the appropriate measurement tools for psychotherapy, and the need for research.

Alternative label

  • stay up to date with trends in psychotherapy

  • be aware of current debates and trends in psychotherapy

  • stay up to date with psychotherapy trends

  • keep up with psychotherapy developments

  • be aware of new psychotherapy research and treatments

  • stay informed about psychotherapy developments

  • stay informed about developments in psychotherapy

  • keep up with developments in psychotherapy

  • stay informed about current trends and research in psychotherapy

  • keep up with psychotherapy trends

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  • skill

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  • occupation specific skills and competences

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