guide placement of anchors


Assist the responsible person in the positioning of box anchors and shore anchors.

Alternative label

  • guidance to placement of shore anchors

  • anchor placement guiding

  • guiding placement of shore anchors

  • assisting box anchor positioning

  • guiding placement of box anchors

  • guidance to placement of box anchors

  • assist box anchor positioning

  • shore anchor placement guidance

  • guiding of placement of box anchors

  • guiding of placement of anchors

  • box anchor positioning assistance

  • anchor placement guidance

  • assisting shore anchor positioning

  • assist anchor positioning

  • guiding placement of anchors

  • assist shore anchor positioning

  • guiding of placement of shore anchors

  • anchor positioning assistance

  • guidance to placement of anchors

  • assisting anchor positioning

  • shore anchor positioning assistance

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  • skill

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  • sector specific skills and competences

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