survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment


Identify muster signals and what emergencies they signal. Comply with established procedures. Don and use a lifejacket or an immersion suit. Safely jump into the water from a height. Swim and right an inverted liferaft while wearing a swim while wearing a lifejacket. Keep afloat without a lifejacket. Board a survival craft from the ship, or from the water while wearing a lifejacket. Take initial actions on boarding survival craft to enhance chance of survival. Stream a drogue or sea-anchor. Operate survival craft equipment. Operate location devices, including radio equipment.

Alternative label

  • survive a ship abandonment

  • follow survival procedures at sea

  • following survival procedures at sea

  • surviving at sea in the event of ship abandonment

  • surviving a ship abandonment

  • survive at sea

  • survival procedures following at sea

  • surviving at sea

Skill type

  • skill

Skill reusability level

  • cross-sector skills and competences

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