inspect aircraft for airworthiness


Inspect aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation equipment to ensure they conform to design specifications and to airworthiness standards following major repairs or alterations. Approve or deny issuance of airworthiness certificates.

Alternative label

  • inspect aircraft to determine airworthiness

  • check aircraft of being airworthy

  • inspect airworthiness of aircraft

  • approve airworthiness of aircraft

  • assess aircraft for airworthiness

  • ensure fitness to fly of aircraft

  • conduct airworthiness inspection activities

  • check navigability of aircraft

  • examine aircraft to determine airworthiness

  • inspect soundness of aircraft

  • analyse aircraft airworthiness

  • issue airworthiness certificates

  • determine aircraft airworthiness

  • ensure aircraft meet airworthiness standards

  • conduct inspection activities to ensure airworthiness

  • inspect fitness to fly of aircraft

  • inspect aircraft airworthiness

  • inspect reliability to fly of aircraft

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