use microsoft office


Possess the ability to work with the standard programs contained in Microsoft Office at a capable level. Create a document and do basic formatting, insert page breaks, create headers or footers, and insert graphics, create automatically generated tables of contents and merge form letters from a database of addresses (usually in Excel). Create auto-calculating spreadsheets, create images, and sort and filter data tables.

Alternative label

  • utilise microsoft office software

  • be a proficient microsoft office user

  • use microsoft office software

  • utilise microsoft office programmes

  • have proficiency in microsoft office

  • be a proficient MS office user

  • utilise microsoft office

  • use microsoft office programmes

  • possess proficiency in microsoft office

  • use microsoft office applications

  • utilise microsoft office applications

  • have proficiency in MS office

  • possess proficiency in MS office

Skill type

  • skill

Skill reusability level

  • cross-sector skills and competences

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