Semiconductors are essential components of electronic circuits and contain properties of both insulators, such as glass, and conductors, such as copper. Most semiconductors are crystals made of silicon or germanium. By introducing other elements in the crystal through doping, the crystals turn into semiconductors. Depending on the amount of electrons created by the doping process, the crystals turn into N-type semiconductors, or P-type semiconductors.

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  • typology of integrated circuits

  • types of semi-conductors

  • typology of semi-conductors

  • integrated circuits

  • types of ICs

  • types of integrated circuit

  • types of IC

  • semiconductor types

  • semi-conductors

  • typology of ICs

  • types of integrated circuits

  • Ics

  • types of semiconductors

  • typology of semiconductors

  • integrated circuit types

  • semi-conductor types

  • IC types

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