study groundwater


Prepare and conduct field studies in order to determine groundwater quality. Analyse and interpret maps, models and geographical data. Compose a picture of area groundwater and land contamination. File reports on issues with landfill groundwater, e.g. area pollution caused by coal combustion products.

Alternative label

  • studying of groundwater quality

  • study groundwater quality

  • reporting on landfill groundwater quality

  • studies of groundwater

  • studies of groundwater quality

  • landfill groundwater quality reporting

  • groundwater studies

  • report on landfill groundwater quality

  • studying of groundwater

  • report on landfill groundwater

  • landfill groundwater reporting

  • studying groundwater quality

  • reporting on landfill groundwater

  • studying groundwater

  • groundwater quality studies

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  • skill

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  • sector specific skills and competences

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