identify defects on raw hides


Analyse, identify and evaluate the possible defects present on raw hides/skins. Defects may be of natural origin (e.g. damage by parasites), caused by bad practices at the farm, in transport, at the abattoir (e.g. incorrect flaying, pre-slaughter defects, improper conservation) or generated during the manufacturing process. The classification of Hides/skins and their subdivision into "selections" is based on the nature, magnitude and location of defects. The class of selection determines the type of processing, and consequently the type of article.

Alternative label

  • hide defects tracking

  • spot defects on raw hides

  • defects tracking on skins and hides

  • identify hides defects

  • identify hides and skins defects

  • leather defects tracking

  • identify defects on raw hides and skins

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  • skill

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  • sector specific skills and competences

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