insegnante per alunni con bisogni educativi speciali nella scuola primaria


Special educational needs teachers at primary schools provide specially-designed instruction to students with a variety of disabilities on a primary school level and ensure they reach their learning potential. Some special educational needs teachers at primary schools work with children who have mild to moderate disabilities, implementing a modified curriculum to fit each student's specific needs. Other special educational needs teachers at primary schools assist and instruct students with intellectual disabilities and autism, focusing on teaching them basic and advanced literacy, life and social skills. All teachers assess the students' progress, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, and communicate their findings to parents, counselors, administrators and other parties involved.

Alternative label

  • insegnante per alunni BES nella scuola primaria

Regulatory aspect

Per verificare se e come tale professione è regolamentata negli Stati membri dell'UE, nei paesi del SEE o in Svizzera, si prega di consultare la banca dati delle professioni regolamentate della Commissione. Banca dati delle professioni regolamentate:


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