idiophone musical instruments maker


Idiophone musical instruments makers create and assemble parts to make idiophone instruments to specified instructions or diagrams. They shape, drill, sand and string the parts that are mostly made out of glass, metal, ceramics or wood, clean, test the quality and inspect the finished instrument.

Scope notes

Includes people producing smaller musical instruments or accessories, such as metronomes, tuning forks or musical boxes.

Alternative label

  • bell maker

  • idiophone maker

  • concussion idiophone maker

  • idiophone musical instrument builder

  • bow maker

  • bow rehairer

  • scraper idiophone maker

  • rattle idiophone maker

  • percussion idiophone maker

  • friction idiophone maker

  • idiophone musical instrument maker

  • idiophone musical instruments builder

  • bell neck hammerer

  • plucked idiophone maker

Regulatory aspect

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