mediatore artistico/mediatrice artistica


Education and visitor service officers deal with all the activities concerning the cultural venue and art facilities visitors, both current and prospective. They aim to deliver high quality and dynamic learning and participation programmes. They ensure that cultural venues and art facilities collections or live performance shows continue to serve as valuable learning resources for all ages. Education and visitor service officer  develop, deliver and evaluate programmes and events for classes, groups or individuals.

Alternative label

  • mediatore artistico culturale

  • mediatrice museale

  • mediatore museale

  • mediatore artistico

  • mediatrice artistica

  • mediatrice artistica culturale

Regulatory aspect

Per verificare se e come tale professione è regolamentata negli Stati membri dell'UE, nei paesi del SEE o in Svizzera, si prega di consultare la banca dati delle professioni regolamentate della Commissione. Banca dati delle professioni regolamentate:


Essential skills and competences

Optional skills and competences



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