stage technician


Stage technicians control different aspects of a performance based on the artistic or creative concept, in interaction with the performers. They prepare and perform the setup, program the equipment and operate various  systems. Stage technicians take care of lighting, sound, video, sets and/or fly systems. Their work is based on plans, instructions and calculations. They can work in small venues, theatres and other small artistic productions.

Alternative label

  • theater technical operator

  • all round event technician

  • sound, lighting and video technician

  • multi-skilled stage technician

  • theater technics operator

  • event technician

  • allround stage technician

  • theater technician

  • audio visuals & lighting technician

  • theatre technician

  • stage technician coordinator

  • all round engineer

  • theatre technical operator

  • audio video and lighting technician

  • all round theatre technician

  • stage technician assistant

  • multi-skilled theatre operator

  • stage technician manager

  • theatre technics operator

  • theatre technical officer

Regulatory aspect

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