insurance product manager




Insurance product managers set and direct the development of new insurance products, following the product lifecycle policy and the general insurance strategy. They also coordinate the marketing and sales activities related to the specific insurance products of the company. Insurance product managers inform their sales managers (or the sales department) about their newly developed insurance products.

Alternative label

  • ensurance branch manager

  • insurance product development executive

  • assurance office manager

  • insurance product developer

  • ensurance relationship manager

  • insurance account manager

  • assurance sales manager

  • assurance branch manager

  • insurance sales manager

  • assurance relationship manager

  • insurance lead

  • assurance account manager

  • insurance relationship manager

  • insurance product development manager

  • ensurance sales manager

  • assurance lead

  • insurance office manager

  • ensurance lead

  • ensurance account manager

  • ensurance office manager

Regulatory aspect

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