computer numerical control machine operator


Computer numerical control machine operators set-up, maintain and control a computer numerical control machine in order to execute the product orders. They are responsible for programming the machines, ensuring the required parameters and measurements are met while maintaining the quality and safety standards.

Alternative label

  • CNC programmer

  • CNC machine operator

  • CNC drill technician

  • CNC set up technician

  • cnc programmer/machinist

  • computer numerical control machine programmer/operator

  • CNC programmer/machinist

  • cnc programmer

  • cnc operator/machinist

  • CNC set-up technician

  • CNC set up operator

  • CNC drilling operative

  • CNC operator/machinist

  • CNC drill operator

  • CNC machinist

  • CNC drill operative

  • CNC mill operator

  • CNC drilling operator

  • CNC set-up operative

  • CNC set-up operator

  • cnc machinist

  • CNC set up operative

  • CNC mill operative

  • CNC machine operative

  • cnc operator

Regulatory aspect

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