contrôleur de la navigation aérienne/contrôleuse de la navigation aérienne


Air traffic controllers assist pilots by providing information concerning the height, speed and course. They assist pilots in order to facilitate a safe take off and landing of aircrafts. They are responsible for maintaining a secure and orderly movement of aircraft along major air routes up in the sky and around airports. They control air traffic in and within vicinity of airports according to established procedures and policies to prevent collisions and to minimise delays arising from traffic congestion.

Alternative label

  • aiguilleuse du ciel

  • instructrice contrôleuse aérienne

  • contrôleur aérien

  • aiguilleur du ciel

  • instructeur contrôleur aérien

  • contrôleur de la navigation aérienne

  • contrôleuse de la circulation aérienne

  • contrôleuse aérienne

Regulatory aspect

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