Gemmologists value precious stones by analysing their characteristics, cut, and provenience either for trading or for further polishing efforts. They asses stones and gems to give them a market value.

Alternative label

  • jewellery gemologist

  • stone buyer

  • gemstone buyer

  • gem stone assessor

  • gemstone valuer

  • mining gemologist

  • gemstone appraiser

  • mineral gemmologist

  • gemstone assessor

  • gemologist

  • gem stone appraiser

  • gem stone buyer

  • consultant gemologist

  • jewellery gemmologist

  • mineral gemologist

  • consultant gemmologist

  • gem stone valuer

  • gemmology researcher

  • gemmology science researcher

  • gemmology analyst

  • gemmology scholar

  • gemmology scientist

  • gemmology research scientist

  • mining gemmologist

  • gemmology research analyst

Regulatory aspect

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