electron beam welder


Electron beam welders set up and tend machines designed to join separate metal workpieces together through the use of a high-velocity electron beam. They monitor the machining processes providing an alteration in the kinetic energy of the electrons that allows for them to transform into heat for the metal to melt and join together in a process of precise welding.

Alternative label

  • butt welder

  • sheet-metal welder

  • combination welder

  • electric spot welder

  • electric arc welder

  • flash welder

  • robotic welder

  • weld technician

  • experimental welder

  • construction welder

  • sheet metal welder

  • welder fabricator

  • fitter-welder

  • arc welder

  • atomic welder

  • welder-fabricator

  • electron beam welding machine operator

  • arc welder apprentice

  • welder-fitter

  • ultrasonic metal welder