shelf filler


Shelf fillers stock and rotate merchandise on shelves, identifying and removing expired products. They clean the shop after its operational hours, ensuring that the shelves are fully stocked for the next day. Shelf fillers may use trolleys, small forklifts to move stock and ladders to reach high shelves. They also give directions to customers in order to locate specific products. 

Alternative label

  • outlet centre shelf stacker

  • trainee shelf stacker

  • trainee shelf filler

  • shop shelf filler

  • rack jobber

  • filling station shelf filler

  • outlet centre shelf filler

  • hypermarket shelf filler

  • department store shelf stacker

  • department store shelf filler

  • senior shelf stacker

  • supermarket shelf filler

  • senior shelf filler

  • supermarket shelf stacker

  • shelf stacker

  • filling station shelf stacker

  • shop shelf stacker

  • garden centre shelf filler

  • garden centre shelf stacker

  • hypermarket shelf stacker