Geologists research the materials that form the earth. Their observations depend on the purpose of the research. Depending on their specialisation, geologists study how the Earth has been shaped over time, its geological layers, the quality of minerals for mining purposes, earthquakes and volcanic activity for private services, and similar phenomena.

Alternative label

  • geologist engineer

  • bedrock geologist

  • geology researcher

  • structural geologist

  • geology scholar

  • geology science researcher

  • geology studies analyst

  • volcanologist

  • petroleum geologist

  • geology analyst

  • consulting geologist

  • coal geologist

  • geothermal scientist

  • geology studies research scientist

  • quaternary geologist

  • chief geologist

  • geology studies scientist

  • geoscience consultant

  • geology studies scholar

  • geology studies research analyst

  • geology research analyst

  • paedologist

  • field geologist

  • geologists

  • geology research scientist

  • site geologist

  • geologist prospector

  • sedimentologist

  • glaciologist

  • geology studies researcher

  • geology scientist

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