Anthropologists research all aspects of life pertaining to humans. They study the various civilisations that have existed along the time and their ways of organisation. They attempt to analyse the physical, societal, linguistic, political, economical, philosophical, and cultural aspects of different people. The aim of their studies is to understand and describe the past of humanity and solve topical societal problems. They explore different perspectives such as philosophical anthropology.

Alternative label

  • sociocultural anthropologist

  • anthropologue

  • linguistic anthropologist

  • cultural anthropologist

  • arts scientist

  • music scientist

  • anthropology research scientist

  • television scientist

  • biological anthropologist

  • cultural scientist

  • social anthropologist

  • forensic anthropologist

  • gender scientist

  • musicology scientist

  • anthropologists

  • movie scientist

  • theatre scientist

  • art sciences scientist

  • ethnologist

  • archaeological anthropologist

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