Linguists study languages scientifically. They master languages and can interpret them in terms of their grammatical, semantic, and phonetic characteristics. They research the evolution of language and the way it is used by societies.

Alternative label

  • linguistic research scientist

  • romanist

  • linguistic scientist

  • linguistic researcher

  • africanist

  • terminologist

  • phonetics specialist

  • philologist

  • japanologist

  • indologist

  • koreanist

  • sinologist

  • tibetologist

  • linguists

  • linguistic science researcher

  • scandinavist

  • latinist

  • linguistic scholar

  • arabist

  • americanist

  • baltist

  • germanist

  • anglist

  • hellenist

  • slavist

  • computational linguist

  • semitist

Regulatory aspect

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