brush maker


Brush makers insert different types of material such as horsehair, vegetable fiber, nylon, and hog bristle into metal tubes called ferrules. They insert a wooden or aluminium plug into the bristles to form the brush head and attach the handle to the other side of the ferrule. They immerse the brush head in a protective substance to maintain their shape, finish and inspect the final product.

Scope notes

Includes people performing the assembly of mops which is done by attaching yarn to the handle, thread and wrap wire through the yarn to secure it to the handle, trim excess yarn, finish and inspect the final product.

Alternative label

  • mop production plant operative

  • mop factory worker

  • mop factory operative

  • mop assembly worker

  • brush factory worker

  • brush factory operative

  • broom production plant operative

  • broom maker

  • broom production worker

  • brush production plant operative

  • brush assembler

  • mop production plant worker

  • broom assembler

  • brush production worker

  • broom assembly worker

  • brush production plant worker

  • broom factory worker

  • broom factory operative

  • broom production plant worker

  • mop assembler

  • mop production worker

  • mop maker

  • brush assembly worker

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