Lawyers provide legal advice to clients and act on their behalf in legal proceedings and in compliance with the law. They research for, interpret and study cases to represent their clients in a variety of settings such as courts and administrative boards. They create arguments on behalf of their clients for lawsuits in different contexts with the aim of finding a legal remedy.

Alternative label

  • administrative law lawyer

  • insurance lawyers

  • traffic law lawyer

  • barrister

  • labour lawyer

  • advocate

  • social law lawyer

  • counsellor

  • building lawyer

  • employment lawyer

  • agricultural lawyer

  • building and construction dispute lawyer

  • family law lawyer

  • inheritance law lawyer

  • property law lawyer

  • procurement law lawyer

  • prosecutor assistant

  • information technology lawyer

  • fiscal lawyer

  • patent law lawyer

  • copyright and media lawyer

  • commercial and company lawyer

  • intellectual property lawyer

  • industrial property lawyer

  • attorney

  • medical lawyer

  • bank and capital market lawyer

  • financial lawyer

  • property law attorney

  • international business law lawyer

  • personal law lawyer

Regulatory aspect

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