metal engraver


Metal engravers make incisions of a design onto a metal surface by carving grooves into it, usually for decorative purposes, including metal weaponry. To cut the design into the surface they use tools such as gravers or burins. 

Alternative label

  • engraving mill operator

  • engraving drilling operative

  • metal hand engraver

  • engraving set-up operative

  • engraving set-up operator

  • hand metal engraver

  • engraving drill operative

  • engraving set up operative

  • engraving mill technician

  • engraving set up operator

  • engraving set-up technician

  • engraving set up technician

  • engraving drill operator

  • engraving drill technician

  • engraving mill operative

  • precious metal engraver

Regulatory aspect

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