Shipwrights build and repair small type of water vessels from pleasure craft to naval vessels. They prepare preliminary sketches and create templates. They use hand and power tools to construct smaller boat themselves or supervise a team of shipbuilders. They also construct cradles and slipways for the ship’s construction, transportation, launching and slipping. Depending on the vessels, they might work with different materials such as metal, wood, fibreglass, aluminium etc.

Alternative label

  • naval vessel shipwright

  • shipfitter

  • boatbuilder

  • ship repair engineer

  • boatfitter

  • submarine shipwright

  • ship fitter

  • boat builder

  • boat repairer

  • shipbuilder

  • ship construction worker

  • ship builder

  • boat construction worker

  • ship repairer

  • boat repair engineer

  • boat fitter

  • naval engineer/shipwright

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