gravure press operator


Gravure press operators work with gravure presses, where the image is engraved directly on a roll. They set up the press and monitor it during the operation, taking care of safety and resolving problems.

Alternative label

  • gravure press technician

  • rotogravure printing machine tender

  • engraving press operator

  • gravure press specialist

  • gravure press operative

  • gravure printing machine operator

  • rotogravure press specialist

  • gravure technician

  • gravure specialist

  • rotogravure press technician

  • rotogravure printing press operator

  • rotogravure technician

  • gravure printing press tender

  • gravure operator

  • gravure press tender

  • gravure printing machine tender

  • rotogravure operator

  • engraving press tender

  • rotogravure press rolltender

  • rotogravure press operator

  • gravure press rolltender

  • gravure press worker

  • rotogravure specialist