Boilermakers operate a variety of equipment and machinery to create, repipe and retube hot water and steam boilers, producing them in all steps of the production process. They cut, gouge and shape the metal sheets and tubes for the boilers to size, using oxy-acetylene gas torches, assemble them by shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding or gas tungsten arc welding, and finish them by the approprate machine tools, power tools and coating.

Alternative label

  • pressure vessel mender

  • boiler fitter

  • plater

  • boiler repairer

  • boiler repiper

  • boiler fabricator

  • pressure vessel repairer

  • pressure vessel fabricator

  • boiler constructor

  • pressure vessel maker

  • Boiler smith

  • boiler mender

  • steam boilermaker

  • steel fabricator,

  • welder boilermaker

  • boiler retuber

  • boilermaker fitter

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