oxy fuel burning machine operator


Oxy fuel burning machine operators set up and tend machines designed to cut, or rather burn off, excess material from the metal workpiece using a torch that heats the metal workpiece to its kindling temperature and subsequently burns it into a metal oxide upon its reaction with an emitted stream of oxygen, flowing out of the workpiece's created kerf as slag.

Alternative label

  • oxy-fuel cutting machine operator

  • oxy fuel cutting machine technician

  • cutting torch operator

  • oxy-fuel cutting machine technician

  • oxy-fuel burning machine technician

  • oxy-fuel burning machine operator

  • oxy-fuel burning machine operative

  • oxy fuel cutting machine operator

  • oxy fuel cutting machine operative

  • oxy-fuel cutting machine operative

Regulatory aspect

To see if and how this occupation is regulated in EU Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland please consult the Regulated Professions Database of the Commission. Regulated Professions Database: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/services/free-movement-professionals/qualifications-recognition_en


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