metal furnace operator


Metal furnace operators monitor the process of making metal before it is cast into forms. They control metal making furnaces and direct all activities of furnace operation, including the interpretation of computer data, temperature measurement and adjustment, loading vessels, and adding iron, oxygen, and other additives to be melted into the desired metal composition. They control the chemicothermal treatment of the metal in order to reach the standards. In case of observed faults in the metal, they notify the authorised personnel and participate in the removal of the fault.

Scope notes

Includes people working in foundries, steel mills and metal refining plant.

Alternative label

  • blast furnace operator

  • foundry operations manager

  • plant manager

  • foundry plant manager

  • smelter operator

  • steel furnace operator

  • smelting furnace operator

  • metal operations manager

  • smelter

  • foundry production manager

Regulatory aspect

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