stage machinist


Stage machinists manipulate sets and other elements in a performance based on the artistic or creative concept, in interaction with the performers. Their work is influenced by and influences the results of other operators. Therefore, the stage machinists work closely together with the designers, operators and performers. Stage machinists prepare and perform the setup, execute changeovers and operate manual fly bar systems. Their work is based on plans, instructions and calculations.

Alternative label

  • stage mechanist

  • theater mechanist

  • set mechanics supervisor

  • flying operator

  • scene-shifter

  • lighting and stage technician

  • theatre machinist

  • theatre mechanist

  • flying system operator

  • stage and lighting technician

  • set technician

  • stage & lighting technician

  • lighting & stage technician

  • theater machinist

  • chief stage technician

  • flyman

  • flying system technician

Regulatory aspect

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