filing machine operator


Filing machine operators set up and tend filing machines such as band files, reciprocating files and bench filing machines in order to smoothen metal, wood or plastic surfaces by precisely cutting and removing small amounts of excess material.

Alternative label

  • filing plant operator

  • wood filer

  • bench filing machine tender

  • metal finishing machine operator

  • plastic filer

  • metal finishing machine setter

  • bench filing machine operator

  • reciprocating filing machine setter

  • reciprocating filing machine operator

  • metal finishing machine operative

  • band filing machine operator

  • filing room operative

  • reciprocating filing machine operative

  • metal finishing machine tender

  • metal filing machine operator

  • bench filing machine operative

  • stapling machine tender

  • band filing machine tender

  • filing and stapling machine operative

  • filing and stapling machine technician

  • filing machinist

  • filing and stapling machine apprentice

  • filing machine worker

  • band filing machine operative

  • filing machine operative

  • metal filer

  • stapling machine operator

  • wood filing machine operator

  • band filing machine setter

  • filing room operator

  • filing and stapling machine tender

  • stapling machine operative

  • plastic filing machine operator

  • bench filing machine setter

  • filing machine technician

  • metal filing machine tender

  • reciprocating filing machine tender

  • filing machine specialist

  • metal filing machine operative

  • filing and stapling machine operator

  • filer

  • filing machine tender

  • metal filing machine setter

  • reciprocating file operator

  • filing plant operative

Regulatory aspect

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