configurateur d'applications/configuratrice d'applications


ICT application configurators identify, record, and maintain user-specific application configurations based upon user requirements and business rules. They configure generic software systems in order to create a specific version applied to an organisation's context. These configurations range from adjusting basic parameters through the creation of business rules and roles in the ICT system to developing specific modules (including the configuration of Commercial off-the-shelf systems (COTS)). They also document configurations, perform configuration updates, and ensure the configurations are correctly implemented in the application.

Alternative label

  • configuratrice logiciel

  • configuratrice d'applications

  • configurateur

  • configuratrice

  • configuratrice de logiciels

  • configurateur logiciel

  • configuratrice applications

  • responsable de la configuration d'applications

  • configurateur applications

  • configurateur d'applications

  • configurateur de logiciels