planer thicknesser operator


Planer thicknesser operators use machinery to shave wood planks to a uniform thickness. The machine usually planes both sides of the plank in one operation. They feed the plank into the machine carefully to prevent excess planing at the edge known as 'snipe'.

Alternative label

  • over-and-under specialist

  • thicknesser operator

  • thickness operator

  • planer specialist

  • over-and-under technician

  • thickness specialist

  • thickness planer specialist

  • thicknesser technician

  • thickness planer operator

  • planer thicknesser worker

  • jointer specialist

  • thickness planer technician

  • thicknesser specialist

  • jointer technician

  • thickness technician

  • planer technician

  • over-and-under operator

  • planer thicknesser specialist

  • planer thicknesser technician

  • planer operator

  • planer thicknesser

  • jointer operator

Regulatory aspect

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