production supervisor


Production supervisors coordinate, plan and direct manufacturing and production processes. They are responsible for reviewing production schedules or orders as well as dealing with staff in these production areas.

Alternative label

  • consumer goods production supervisor

  • manufacturing supervisor

  • food quality control operator

  • production plant supervisor

  • food production supervisor

  • quality control operator

  • consumer goods production controller

  • production overseer

  • production forewoman

  • consumer goods production quality supervisor

  • food manufacturing supervisor

  • consumer goods production forewoman

  • production line supervisor

  • manufacturing supervisor, food

  • production controller

  • production machine supervisor

  • manufacturing supervisor, consumer goods

  • production schedule supervisor

  • consumer goods manufacturing supervisor

  • production process supervisor

  • production quality supervisor

  • consumer goods quality control operator

  • consumer goods production foreman

  • production team leader

  • production foreman

  • consumer goods production overseer