set builder


Set builders construct, build, prepare, adapt and maintain scenic elements used on stage and for filming movies or television programs. They use a wide variety of materials like wood, steel, aluminium and plastics. Their work is based on artistic vision, scale models, sketches and plans. They work in close cooperation with the designers and may build exibition stands for fairs, carnavals and other events.

Alternative label

  • prop maker and set builder

  • set and stage builder

  • exhibition builder

  • stage & set builder

  • set dresser and builder

  • set constructor

  • carpenter

  • set & stage builder

  • property maker and set builder

  • set builder & prop maker

  • set designer and builder

  • set builder & property maker

  • set builder and dresser

  • set builder & designer

  • set designer & builder

  • set builder and designer

  • scenic builder

  • chief carpenter

  • set dresser & builder

  • property maker & set builder

  • blacksmith welder

  • set builder & dresser

  • stage and set builder

  • set builder and prop maker

  • set builder and property maker

  • prop maker & set builder

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