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Credit advisers offer guidance to customers related to credit services. They assess the customer's financial situation and debt issues arisen from credit cards, medical bills and car loans in order to identify optimal credit solutions for customers and also provide debt elimination plans to adjust their finances if needed. They prepare qualitative credit analyses and decision-making material in respect of defined customers in conformity with the bank's strategy on credit policy, ensure the credit quality and follow up on the performance of the credit portfolio. Credit advisers also have expertise in debt management and credit consolidation.


Credit intermediaries are natural or legal persons who offer credit agreements to consumers. They act on behalf of creditors to conclude agreements with consumers.

Alternative label

  • credit intermediaries

  • credit counsellors

  • credit advisors

  • certified credit counselor

  • credit intermediary

  • certified credit counselors

  • debt counsellors

  • credit counselor

  • debt counselors

  • credit counselors

  • certified credit counsellors

  • debt counsellor

  • credit analysts

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