Solderers operate various equipment and machinery such as gas torches, soldering irons, welding machines, or electric-ultrasonic equipment in order to solder together two or more items (usually metals), by melting and forming a metal filler in between the joints, the filler metal has a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. 

Alternative label

  • sheet metal solderer

  • fitter-solderer

  • ultrasonic metal solderer

  • stitch solderer

  • robotic solderer

  • tack solderer

  • solderer-fitter

  • electric spot solderer

  • soldering fabricator

  • flash solderer

  • electric arc solderer

  • construction solderer

  • sheet-metal solderer

  • butt solderer

  • soldering technician

  • solder-fabricator

  • resistance solderer

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