professional athlete


Professional athletes compete in sports and athletic events. They train on a regular basis and exercise with professional coaches and trainers. Building up the necessary skills needs natural talent as well as planning and endurance to get through the needed training programmes.

Alternative label

  • tennis player

  • sportswoman

  • sports player

  • professional football player

  • snowboarder

  • aviation sport athlete

  • sportsman

  • middle distance runner

  • volleyball player

  • professional basketball player

  • rugby player

  • professional volleyball player

  • professional soccer player

  • professional rugby player

  • basketball player

  • motorcycle driver

  • roller skater

  • football player

  • boxer

  • cyclist

  • professional surfer athlete

  • athlete

  • long jump athlete

  • hockey player

  • golf player

  • snow sports athlete

  • high jump athlete

  • javelin athlete

  • professional sports player

  • pole vault athlete

  • middle distance athlete

  • handball player

  • professional handball player

  • olympic athlete

  • long distance athlete

  • race car driver

  • skater

  • skier

  • wrestler

  • track and field athlete

  • bull fighter

  • long distance runner

  • professional hockey player

  • horse rider

  • professional baseball player

  • discus athlete

Regulatory aspect

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