Dancers interpret ideas, feelings, stories or characters for audiences by using movement and body language mostly accompanied by music.  This normally involves interpreting the work of a choreographer or a traditional repertory, although it may sometimes require improvisation.

Alternative label

  • jazz dancer

  • show dancer

  • dancer and singer

  • group dancer

  • modern & ballet dance performer

  • solo dancer

  • contemporary dancer

  • modern & ballet dancer

  • modern and ballet dance performer

  • modern dancer

  • belly dancer

  • singer & dancer

  • stage dancer

  • singer and dancer

  • ballet & modern dance performer

  • dance artist

  • singer-dancer

  • modern and ballet dancer

  • ballet and modern dancer

  • ballet and modern dance perfomer

  • dance performer

  • ballet & modern dancer

  • commercial dancer

  • soloist dancer

  • ballet dancer

  • dancer & singer

Regulatory aspect

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