Physiotherapists are autonomous health professionals who are responsible for developing, maintaining or restoring motor function and movement throughout the lifespan using evidence-based practice. They relieve pain and treat or prevent physical conditions associated with injury, disease or other impairments. Physiotherapists empower patients and their carers to manage the condition outside clinical settings. They work within their scope of practice and their professional Code of Conduct. 

Alternative label

  • neuromuscular physiotherapist

  • hydrotherapist

  • chiropractic therapist

  • respiratory therapist

  • occupational physiotherapist

  • osteopath

  • respiratory physiotherapist

  • eurythmy therapist

  • bobath physiotherapist

  • physiotherapist manager

  • cardiovascular physiotherapist

  • neurological physiotherapist

  • occupational therapist

  • business physiotherapist

  • masseuse

  • physical therapist

  • health and well-being therapist

  • chiropractor

  • remedial physiotherapist

  • sports physiotherapist

  • health promotion worker

  • neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapist

  • neurodevelopmental physiotherapist

  • manipulative physiotherapist

  • rehabilitation therapist

Regulatory aspect

To see if and how this occupation is regulated in EU Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland please consult the Regulated Professions Database of the Commission. Regulated Professions Database:


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Optional skills and competences

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