Meter readers and vending-machine collectors

ISCO-08 code



Meter readers and vending-machine collectors stock vending machines and collect money from them or from parking meters and other coinboxes, or read electricity, gas or water meters.
Tasks include -
(a)  filling storage areas of vending machines and collecting money from their containers;
(b)  collecting money from parking meters and similar coinboxes;
(c)  reading electricity, gas or water meters and recording consumption;
(d)  keeping records of merchandise distributed and money collected;
(e)  proceeding along established routes to take readings of meter dials;
(f)  verifying readings in cases where consumption appears to be abnormal, and recording possible reasons for fluctuations;
(g)  inspecting meters for unauthorized connections, defects and damage such as broken seals.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Meter reader
- Vending-machine collector


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